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1) Healing Wounds and Burns.

Topical honey treatment has been used to heal wounds and burns since ancient Egypt and is still common today. Honey’s healing powers come from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as well as its ability to nourish surrounding tissue. What’s more, it can help treat other skin conditions, including psoriasis. Manuka honey is considered especially effective for treating burn wounds. Honey’s antiseptic properties inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and help keep external wounds free from infection. It's anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce swelling, pain and even scarring.


2) Reducing the Duration of Diarrhea.

 Honey has been shown to decrease the severity and duration of diarrhea. It also promotes increased potassium and water intake, which is particularly helpful when experiencing diarrhea. Research that took place in Lagos, Nigeria suggests that honey has also shown the ability to block the actions of pathogens that commonly cause diarrhea.


3) Preventing Acid Reflux.

Honey can reduce the upward flow of stomach acid and undigested food by lining the esophagus and stomach. This has helped to reduce the risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which can cause inflammation, acid reflux, and heartburn.


4) Fighting Infections.

Honey’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties help improve the digestive system and boost immunity. Antioxidants are very effective for the removal of free radicals from the body.


5) Relieving Cold and Cough symptoms.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends honey as a natural cough remedy. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recognizes honey as a treatment for a cough. However, they advise that honey is not suitable for children under the age of one year. A study by Penn State College of Medicine suggested that honey reduced night-time coughing and improved sleep quality in children with upper respiratory infection to a greater degree than the cough medicine dextromethorphan.


6) Rich in Antioxidants.

Honey contains many important antioxidants. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Scientists believe that the combination of these compounds gives honey its antioxidant power. Antioxidants have been linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure, strokes and some types of cancer. They may also promote eye health. 


7)  Honey for Fabulous Skin.

Honey is a fantastic moisturiser and works wonders on patches of dry skin. You can use it to soften up your knees and elbows, even chapped lips


8) Honey for Silky Hair and Dandruff.

Honey acts as a natural agent for moisturising hair and cleansing the scalp, leaving you with silky smooth hair without stripping away any natural oils. Honey can bring temporary relief to dry scalp by targeting dandruff.


9) Honey for Weight Loss.

It is believed that drinking warm water with honey and a splash of lime or apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning is an effective anti-cellulite treatment, as it helps to increase body metabolism. But with 64 calories per tablespoon, how can honey help you shed those extra pounds? Honey helps control your appetite. If you consume honey before bed, the body begins to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep. You can even take a step further and replace all refined sugar in your diet with honey in order to rebalance the brain signal that compels you to consume more sweet stuff.


10) Improves Sleep.

Do you lie awake all night staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning? Use the famous milk and honey remedy to fall asleep quickly. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of hot milk. Honey releases serotonin (a neurotransmitter that improves your mood), and the body converts serotonin into melatonin (a chemical compound that regulates the length and quality of sleep). You can also add a teaspoon (or two) of honey to a cup of chamomile tea, if you’d prefer.


11) Natural Energy Booster.

Notice how a sugar high leads to a rapid energy crash? It’s time to ditch the energy drinks and forget your coffee fix. Use honey instead of sugars and sweeteners in your tea, baked goodies or spread to it on a hot toast. Its natural sugars even prevent fatigue during exercise, so it is also good for improving athletic performance. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly, giving an immediate energy boost, while the fructose provides sustained energy since it is absorbed more slowly. Honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant in comparison to other types of sugar.



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