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A Note From Our Founder


The first winter after baby number three was born, my family and I's health took a turn for the worst.


For the most part we have always been healthy eaters. My journey becoming more health conscious started in my teens and by my early 20's you would never see me buying anything pre made wrapped up in plastic. I cooked and baked everything from scratch with the most wholesome of foods and my health was at it's peak.


But it was easy when you were solo. Being a stay at home, homeschooling mother meant our finances were limited. Top it off with extreme fatigue and you had one tired mama.


Having had 3 kids five years and under, you can only imagine my energy level. I...was....exhausted! The last pregnancy was also very heavy and difficult for me, trying to run after two toddlers. I could not keep up. Laundry would be waiting for days until it got folded and cooking... Ha! You cold forget about it! I was sooo not motivated to cook. We unfortunately, lived mostly on organic boxed mac and cheese and frozen dinners and I hated it! At least it was organic right?...


That winter was the worst winter ever! The kids and I literally got sick every month from October until March. That's 6 times! Imagine.. three sick kids and one sick mama, not a pretty site. It was awful I can't even begin to explain. It was like a domino effect. One kid would start and off it rolled on to the others. Each sickness lasted about 2-3 weeks with maybe one or two weeks break and then we were at it again. Sleepless nights with stuffy nosed, crying toddlers and a worried mama kept waking up to make sure the newborn was still breathing.


A nightmare! We never ever got sick that many times during the winter season. Maybe once or twice max! So by the following spring I decided; This Can NOT Happen Again!


I always had a love of herbs and had dreamt at an early age to have my own herb garden. I learned from my Eastern European friends how to forage in the forests. They taught me the cleansing qualities of nettle and dandelion. "Dandelion?!" I thought, "you mean the weed?" However I never went too deeply into the medicinal side of herbs. But that spring I did.


I started educating myself on herbs and their medicinal properties by buying books and taking courses online. I also decided that I needed to push myself to start cooking fresh and wholesome again. It wasn't going to be easy especially since I was still overly tired but, it was worth it. Eventually after eating clean and detoxing, I started to get my energy again and by that August I was buying herbs in bulk from my local health food store and making my very first concoctions.


I started feeding it to my family and myself everyday starting in September, just before cold and flu season began. I put in everyones water, juice, tea and even my babies milk! I wanted to make sure NO ONE got ill. And guess what, it worked! If anyone did get a sniffle it was NOTHING compared to the year before and lasted maybe 3 days max!


From there on, I started making more things, like the Iron and Energy Support in hopes to further improve my constant fatigue. I also made things like the Sleepy Time for my mother and Asthma Syrup for my brother. My husband, not being a firm herb believer at first, started to see the improvements in our health and how it's also helping others in my family. He encouraged me to start my own business to help others and that is just what I did, because I love helping people.


I'm not here to make a huge profit. I'm here because I believe that God sent down to this Earth disease and with it He sent it's cure and that cure was not sent down by man made chemicals and pharmaceuticals. I'm here because I believe it is everyones right to good health not just for those who can afford it.


We are living proof that plants can heal through the will of God's help. I hope you will try it today and take charge of you and your family's health.


Stay Healthy, Stay Simple, Stay Blessed ,