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What’s the first thing you touch in the morning? It’s probably your toothbrush. Do you want the first thing you touch every day to be plastic?

So why are toothbrushes so bad for the environment? They’re made from polypropylene plastic and nylon, which come from fossil fuels. Like so much other plastic that’s thrown away, toothbrushes often end up in waterways and oceans. According to National Geographic, every toothbrush that’s been produced since the 1930s still exists on the planet. Many of them are trash.

Most of us will replace around 300 toothbrushes during our lifetime. Toothbrushes are not recyclable. Approximately a billion brushes are thrown away in the United States annually — that’s 50 million pounds of waste. Roughly 3.5 billion brushes are sold worldwide each year — they all have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is usually landfill. It’s staggering to comprehend. Did you know that if you laid out the toothbrushes thrown away in the U.S. in a year, they would wrap around the Earth four times!


Bamboo Toothbrush is a sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes that usually end up in landfills or oceans. By making the switch you will help to protect and preserve our beautiful planet from plastic pollution.


Quit plastic, brush sustainable!


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