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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food."

~ Hippocrates

Choc-o-lada Powder
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Chocolate milk couldn't get any healthier. A perfect combo for children who are fussy eaters to sneak in a bit of veggies and boost immune system without knowing!


Add a spoonful to our Muscle Power mix for a chocolate protein drink!


cocoa - Raw cacao contains 4 times more antioxidants than regular dark chocolate and even 20 times more than blueberries. Plus, it’s a real mood booster and reduces cravings!


carob - have a similar taste to cacao. Caffeine and stimulant free, this superfood is not only delicious, but also high in vitamins and minerals.


coconut milk - There’s more to coconuts than the delicious tropical taste: they’re packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients!


banana - Boost your mood and energy levels with the mighty banana. This a-peeling fruit is a great source of natural energy and potassium which helps your muscles to get moving!


pineapple - Christopher Columbus brought pineapples back to Europe after an expedition to South America. Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods like pineapples decreases the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease.It also promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and an overall lower weight.


reishi mushroom - Known as the “Queen of Mushrooms,” reishi mushrooms can help balance your body and mind by taking the edge off and enhancing your mood. Reishi is also know to boost immune system. 


lucuma - Beloved by the Incas, Lucuma has finally found a way to us. It’s not only super nutritious, but also delicious with its sweet, maple-like taste!


spinach - This vegetable has been shown to benefit health in several ways. Spinach may decrease oxidative stress, improve eye health, and help prevent heart disease and cancer.


kale - contains fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamins C and K, iron, and a wide range of other nutrients that can help prevent various health problems. Antioxidants help the body remove unwanted toxins that result from natural processes and environmental pressures



Directions: Use one spoonful per 8oz drink. Add one spoon of our Muscle Power for a chocolate protein drink. 

Add 1-3 spoonfuls in chocolate brownie mix, date ball recipes and more!


Choco-lada Smoothie recipe:

 1 tbsp Choco-lada 

1 banana

½ avocado

1 cup of almond milk



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