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  • Tea is one of the most ancient forms of medicine and can be very comforting and pleasurable to drink.


Drinking tea made from loose herbs can be more affordable than taking capsules and, the body is able to assimilate tea easily.


 Medicinal teas can also have the added benefit of hydration.


Water is also an excellent solvent for minerals, mucilage, and most medicinal constituents.

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Herbal Teas
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Don't want forget our brothers out there. Here's a tea just for you. 


 alfalfa - The name alfalfa is familiar but did you know where the name comes from. It is actually taken from the Arabic word al-fac-facah meaning the ‘father of foods’ because of its very rich nutritional make up. Its health benefits were recognized thousands of years ago in various parts of Asia by people who not only ate the plant themselves but also used it to feed their animals and to fertilize their land.This herb has very rich sources of nutrients such as calcium, iron, carotenes, and vitamin C. Alfalfa is particularly rich in vitamin K. 


dandelion - helps to flush out toxins from the body and regulate healthy functioning of the urinary system.


nettle -  has an amazing ability to bring your hormones and prostate into top form. When the prostate becomes enlarged, it “strangles” the urethra and can make urination difficult, even painful. Nettle root can help alleviate and correct prostate issues.


ginkgo - is mainly known for its ability to improve memory it has also been found to be a valuable skin care aid. Ginkgo Biloba is also beneficial for increasing testosterone levels. It increases the blood circulation in the body and also helps acetylcholine to bind to the receptors, which in turn helps in treating low testosterone levels in the body. There are many studies which show that Ginkgo Biloba helps in treating erectile dysfunction and the side effects associated with it.


mint - calming and relaxing, regulates and normalises the emotional background that leads to a state of emotional balance and harmony. May help to lowers blood pressure, improve sleep and digestion. 


plantain - Not to be confused with the banana like plant that is well known for its use in Caribbean cooking. An effective herb with demulcent, astringent and antibacterial properties.


sage - helps to balance hormones in both men and women. It is useful in treating premature ejaculation in men. 


Siberian ginseng - a powerful adaptogen. Has properties that boost energy and stamina and reduces fatigue caused by failing health and everyday stress. It also betters cognitive performance and enhances memory. Can also be used for erectile disfunction when taken on a regular basis. 


saw palmetto - has long been believed to increase the libido in both men and women. It is also commonly used for prostate swelling, prostate cancer and other prostate problems. 



alfalfa, dandelion, nettle, ginkgo, mint, plantain, sage, Siberian ginseng, orange peel, saw palmetto