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Simply Sunnah's Herbal Glycerites are concentrated herbal extracts created with great care and are easy and convenient to use and can be taken for acute illness or in a preventative fashion when used daily. 


Glycerin is a thick, sweet-tasting liquid that’s clear in color. It's the natural result of breaking down oil or fat. Although sweet, it contains no sugar and no fat. 


Glycerin tinctures are the go-to option for children due to its taste and safety advantage. They also provide a smart solution for those wanting to avoid alcohol for health or religious reasons. 


Our vegetable glycerin is organic, kosher and non-gmo. 

High Blood Pressure
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**Warning** DO NOT take if using medications for this condition

High blood pressure or hypertension treatment and prevention typically involve a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. The purpose of the treatment is to keep the blood pressure below the high range. There are some people who say that lifestyle changes alone are enough to control their high blood pressure. But many prefer to take medication to reduce their high blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease causes the most deaths among adults in the United States. A 2019 study by the American Heart Association (AHA) reported that 840,000 people in the U.S. died from cardiovascular disease in 2016 alone.

black walnut - are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, making it a “superfood”. The nut’s high levels of polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants are key nutrients in protecting against cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, and certain neurodegenerative conditions.

black cumin seed - favorably affects several parameters related to heart disease risk including lowering total and LDL cholesterol, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, reducing plaque formation. It also reduces blood glucose, as well as diabetic-associated complications such as neuropathy.

hawthorn berries - In traditional Chinese medicine, hawthorn berry is one of the most commonly recommended foods to help treat high blood pressure. Several animal studies show that hawthorn can act as a vasodilator, meaning it can relax constricted blood vessels, ultimately lowering blood pressure.

lavender - has calming properties that may reduce anxiety and heart rate.

lemon balm - may decrease blood pressure while protecting against heart palpitations, tachycardia, and heart attacks.

mugwort - The herb is quite complex with over 75 unique chemicals that have been identified. When used internally, it supports digestion and has relaxing properties. 

raspberry leaf - he amount of potassium in raspberry leaf tea makes is useful for reducing blood pressure, and protecting against atherosclerosis and other heart problems.

St. John's wort - Studies show how it can reduce inflammations. This is one of the principal reasons why natural medicine experts believe it contributes to good heart health by bringing down high blood pressure and thus easing the burden the heart operates under.

marjoram - ay dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure.

turmeric - contains a strong anti-oxidant called curcumin. Curcumin is also a potent anti-inflammatory, it helps lower blood cholesterol, and it has anti-clotting properties. Curcumin helps keep blood vessels healthy by protecting cells from damage, thereby allowing smoother flow of blood.

valerian - may have powerful calming effects on the nervous system, which can lower blood pressure, ease heart palpitations, ease insomnia, calm hyperactivity, reduce nervous tension. 

plantain - The high amount of potassium found in plantains is essential for maintaining the cell and body fluids that control your heart rate and blood pressure. The fiber in plantains also helps lower your cholesterol, which in turn keeps your heart functioning at its best.



Adults use 1-2ml once a day when needed with a small cup of water to help assist with high blood pressure. Do not use if taking medications for this condition. 



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