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Simply Sunnah's Herbal Glycerites are concentrated herbal extracts created with great care and are easy and convenient to use and can be taken for acute illness or in a preventative fashion when used daily. 


Glycerin is a thick, sweet-tasting liquid that’s clear in color. It's the natural result of breaking down oil or fat. Although sweet, it contains no sugar and no fat. 


Glycerin tinctures are the go-to option for children due to its taste and safety advantage. They also provide a smart solution for those wanting to avoid alcohol for health or religious reasons. 


Our vegetable glycerin is organic, kosher and non-gmo. 

Menstruation & Cramps Support
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For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For others, menstrual cramps can be severe enough to interfere with everyday activities for a few days every month. Here are some comforting herbs to help ease this time of the month. 


blue cohosh - used for menstrual problems including delayed menstruation, cramping and profuse haemorrhage. 

chamomile - the antispasmodic action relieves muscle tension, aching muscles and body aches. 

calendula - may help to induce menses, receive pain cramping, relax muscles and improve blood flow. 

comfrey - used to alleviate heavy menstrual bleeding. 

fennel - has oestrogen like chemicals that may help balance hormones. Has the ability to regulate menstrual cycle and hormones affecting it. 

feverfew - a uterine stimulant and a pain reliever for menstrual cramping. 

ginger - may help reduce muscle cramping, relaxing the muscles and relieving inflammation and pain. 

lemon balm - may help with PMS. Helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS, cramping, anxiety and headaches. 

marjoram - a beautiful culinary herb which may help to relieve cramping, balance hormones, inflammation, and calm nerves. 

mint - the oil helps to relax uterine muscle spasms and relieve menstrual cramping. 

mugwort - moderate doses are beneficial for helping cramping, excessive bleeding and brining on menses. 

nettle - women with heavy uterine bleeding and other menstrual problems may benefit from singing nettle. 

rose - rose petals and rose hips help to relieve menstrual congestion and pain. Rose petals are used to help regulate menstruation and delayed menses cycles. They are also good uterine tonics for healing infections, bleeding, and cysts. They soothe and calm nervous systems, ease the tension and pain associated with PMS and cramping. 

sage - may help balance hormones and promote normal menstrual flow. 

St. John's wort - beneficial for relieving cramping, bloating and mood symptoms. 

raspberry leaf - helps to reduce cramping and bleeding. 

valerian - analgesic properties and its ability to relax the smooth muscles may help for pain and cramping during menustration. 

yarrow - may treat many menstrual problems including lack of menses, excessive bleeding and cramping.


Adults use 1-2ml one - two times a day as needed with a small cup of water to help with menstruation conditions.



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